Company Opening

abertura empresa

For the Brazilian entrepreneur make opening and legalization of your company’s entire proceeding by which it must pass by the three levels of government: the Federal, State and Municipal.

On the intention of helping you on this assignment , our accounting Queiroz & Venancio Consultoria Contábil ensures to the entrepreneurial all needed requirements for the opening e legalization of your company.
The opening of the company is a key theme just by being tied to one of the main problems that the entrepreneurs have to achieve their business



Constitution, Change and Closing Companies on The Government Entities Below:

legallizacao de empresa abertura Junta Comercial Estadual -> State Commercial Committee;
abertura e legalização de empresa
Receita Federal -> Federal Revenue;
empresa abertura legalização
Secretaria da Fazenda -> Secretariat of Finance;
Prefeitura Municipal -> City Hall;
INSS -> Social Welfare;
Caixa Econômica Federal.

Special Licenses:

CETESB -> Operating Licence (Municipal);
Alvara de Funcionamento( Municipal) -> Operating Licence (Municipal);
Alvara de Funcionamento (Profissão Regulamentada) -> Operating Licence ( Regulated Occupation)


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