Opening Of Foreign Company In Brazil

One of the specialties of the Queiroz & Venancio are the consultants to companies headquartered abroad who wishes to constitute a legal person in Brazil.
This question requires different technical knowledge, because the success of the establishment in Brazil depends on the correct preparation of attorney drawn up abroad so that will meet the requirements of government agencies Federal, Brazil’s state and municipal governments and especially should not be against the powers expressed in the main company’s status

It is noteworthy that according to the current legislation the company headquarters abroad must have CNPJ in Brazil this requirement that allow a higher control of the Central Bank about regarding the sending of profits and dividends abroad.

Some points of view:

 Analysis of the social statute of the foreign company;
The correct elaboration of the attorney and their powers;
Sworn translation of the foreign documents;
Regularization of legal foreign shareholder permanency in Brazil.

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