Specialized Accounting Tourism Agency

consultoria finanaceiraSpecialized Accounting Tourism Agency

The Managing Partner Antonio Pedro, for having consolidated experience in Tourism Agencies segment and airlines, felt that after of observing the difficulties of the accounting firms in the processing of informativos, needed of a specialized service in the area, mainly on the elaboration of monthly balance sheets and annual accounts, so, the financial characteristics of a tourism agency diverges from others companies on the market, having most of the times as peculiarity the commissioning, this amount retained by the agency when the transfer of your sales for the companies airlines, hotels and others.

One of the main factors accounting on this kind of business is to determinate the right way of the accounting of revenues versus bank reconciliation, so the gross financial turnover gross deposited on the agency count refers to an advance from the sold products of the company, however the financial operating revenue of the agency for tax purposes is around 10% of this, if this concept is not transmitted correctly to the tax authorities, the company can be penalized with fines and other offenses.

Another peculiarity of the agencies are special permits, such as: IATA, SNEA and EMBRATUR, as well the technical training certificate issuance, unknown for the most of the companies of accounting consulting.

It is worth noting that the tourism market in Brazil has been growing and accentuating, which allowed the entry of unprivileged class to travel nationally and internationally, generating a heat in the market that has remained constant until then.

Queiroz & Venancio wants to be part of this growth by supporting companies in the tourism sector, to provide qualified and specialized service generating high level of satisfaction for the customers and partners.

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