Tax Accounting

contabilidade fiscal

The tax accounting is a set of legal systems that seek decrease the payment of tributes. The contributor have the right of organize your business for the best way it looks, seeking to decrease the costs of your enterprise, including the taxes.

Is of knowledge that the tributes (taxes, fees and contributions)represents important portions of the costs of the companies, if is not the biggest reason. With the globalization of the economy, has became a question of business survival the correct administration of tributes.

According to IBPT, in Brazil, on average 33% of corporate revenues are directed to the payment of tributes.

The Queiroz & Venancio makes the  tax accounting in the following areas:

Tax planning, accounting , analysis and monitoring of tax legislation;

Tax Accounting of São Paulo, analysis the customer activity to the existing legislation ;

Tax Accounting  planning and adequacy of fiscal framework client.

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